Our Mission statement

      PTs Pressure Washing 

 Is Eco-friendly, We Follow E.P.A.

 Guidelines ,Standards and Regulations. We use Green Friendly Non-Toxic Chemicals so your family your pets and your plants are never harmed .We recycle wast water .We are committed to providing excellent work at affordable prices and we do not harm the planet or our oceans to do so.

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Orange Countys Premiere Residential Pressure Washing Service


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Sanatizing, Disinfecting and Cleaning the Exterior of YOUR HOME

- KILL VIRUS: Like, the common cold, flu and COVID 19.

    - WASH away Mold, Mildew and Fungus. 

- Bring back the luster of your home ,

Soft Roof wash,  Soft House wash,  Pressure wash  Patios, 

 Pressure wash Drive ways,  Pressure wash Walkways,

Pressure wash  Courtyards,  We Do Mobile Homes too!

We fallow all E.P.A. guidelines the chemicals we use are green friendly and bio-degradable

non-toxic to people , pets ,and plants.We recycle our wast water .Zero footprint on the environment the Best work for the Best price. 

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction 

with our work

call us 

(949) 929 - 0475 


 ** Selling Your Home ?  

Pressure washing your home from top to bottom, Roof to Drive way and

patio can add as much as $10,000 to your homes value and Will increase its

marketability, as well as its desirability buy up to 25%.      

  ** Having a Party or Family Gathering this Summer?

Dont embarrass yourself at family gatherings. Have your house pressure

washed and your house will shine beautifully! So will you.


Residential  Exterior Pressure Washing .

Servicing all of  Orange County, Ca.

 Free No Obligation Estimates

                                               Over The Phone                                               

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Want a discount ? How about 

$50. off any work we do

just mention this add 

Soft Roof Wash

When you pay for a  Soft Roof Wash ,

we will give you a Soft House Wash free

soft roof wash is .50 cents a sq. foot